(Not) weaning

This comic popped up on my RSS feed last night and I laughed out loud. Although we’re past the point of constant nursing with our youngest, she does NOT want to wean and I often find her attached to me. (She is quite persistent and grabby and has this crazy way of thrashing around until hey! grub’s on!)  As much as I appreciate the wonders of breastfeeding, it’s been a year and sometimes FEELING LIKE A COW gets really old.

from Keepers of the Orb
(The comics about motherhood are right on.  I definitely recommend this blog!)


Author: Kate

I'm middle school English teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before moving to Asia, I reported statewide news for a Pennsylvania public radio station. I've lived in five countries and traveled to dozens. I really enjoy rearranging my furniture.

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