It’s been a nice holiday (nothing like working a full-time job to really appreciate a long break).

The first morning of vacation, I stayed in bed until well past 9. Anna climbed in next to me and said, earnestly, “Just because you don’t have to work and we don’t have to go to school, doesn’t mean you should stay in bed all day.” (I thought,”Wait, that’s exactly what that means.”)

We’ve had a nice mix of traveling (family in western PA and friends in NY), lazing about, and crossing big items off our to-do list (Paul’s installing a new vented microwave as I type).

I have to admit I was somewhat apprehensive coming in to 2014, but it’s been a good (albeit busy) year.

Here’s to a 2015 full of good friends, good work, and good times.





Anna had a two-hour delay at school so the morning was more relaxed than usual. She watched PBS Kids (such a treat) while I drank coffee, ate a chocolate croissant, updated my work website, finished up an article, and… listened to Serial (also a treat).

The office was also relaxed. Day-after-deadline-relaxed. And for some reason, no one turned the overhead lights on so the place felt downright cozy with my desk lamp on and the snow falling outside.

Lucy (age 3) made dinner tonight–“pizza” bread. It was good.

Now the girls are in bed. I complained of being cold so Paul moved the love seat directly in front of the fireplace. Now he’s making poutine.

And this is my view (+ poutine and cider).



We are a one-car family. Long story short: it’s been fine for years, but now that the kids are in different schools and I work full time, we’ve had to experiment with different transportation options.

I started taking the bus 2-3x/week about a month ago. At first, I was horrified that our small town’s lacking bus schedule means it takes 38 minutes to travel the 3.3. miles to work. But you know what? I love taking the bus.

I bring a thermos of coffee and queue up a podcast (or a book). The 38 minutes (including a 5 minute transfer) is long enough to sit back and relax but not long enough to get bored.

(Yes, I’m the person who sneakily/awkwardly takes pictures during my bus ride.)


I’ve loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe since I stumbled upon Hayley Morgan’s “no brainer wardrobe” concept. I’m fairly low-maintenance and a big thrifter so I’ve never really had an out-of-control closet/clothes budget, but I have been really tired of never quite knowing what to wear (and have also been tired of purchasing things at thrift stores that don’t quite fit).
Hayley’s idea was really helpful in planting the seed of “less is more,” but it was this blog that really spurred me to action.
Here are some of the actual pieces:
One of the best things about doing this is it’s really helped me to hone my preferences. Now I know I pretty much only wear simple neutrals. And I frequently wear grays, blacks, navy, and (to my surprise) shades of pink.