Recent things I’ve enjoyed


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Paul and I watched the entire season over two evenings–it’s that fun.

Fresh off the Boat

I love this show. I find it refreshing that cultural differences are depicted but not as the butt of jokes. And Eddie reminds me of my big bro when we were growing up.

(House of Cards)

In parentheses because I’ve been slowly dread-watching this. We gobbled up the first two seasons but this season is rough.

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NYT Sunday subscription

Subscribing to the this felt like a really grown-up thing to do (says the woman with two kids). It’s the gift to myself that keeps on giving.


I know, I’m super late in reading this. But I really enjoyed it. Despite all the descriptions of her gnarled up toes and the impossibly heavy backpack, it made me want to go backpacking right this second.

Crazy Rich Asians

I don’t necessarily recommend this, per se–it’s basically the story of Asian bazillionaires and their insane lifestyle, which means the book was an endless stream of name dropping and brand dropping. But I found it fascinating because I did not know this world exists to this degree.



This podcast is between seasons, which means if it’s new to you, you have a whole season to enjoy. What I really liked about this is that (like Serial) the whole season is one ongoing narrative.  I think that’s why I’ve never been hooked on great podcasts like This American Life and Invisibilia–standalone stories are great, but they don’t necessarily compel me to tune in the next week.

Lily and Madeleine

I have been “off” music lately–nothing sounds good. (Isn’t that weird and really sad?) I went to Facebook to crowdsource music recommendations from friends and this is the group that stuck. Mellow and melodic in the best ways.

Gregory Alan Isakov

I love him. “Big Black Car” makes me want to cry. I’ve linked to a recent mini-concert he did for Fuel Friends, one of my favorite blogs.

speaking of blogs…


I love, love, love Joanna Goddard’s new living room. Paul loved it, too.

Fridays = link roundups (in fact, I put one together every week for my job). The most entertaining, I think, is Fugs and Pieces.



When we lived in Tanzania, we noticed this is what every expat uses to keep his/her coffee hot. I strayed once (I asked for another kind of bottle for Christmas–and then promptly returned it). Never again! I have two sizes–a 16 oz and a cute little 10 oz I hunted down in Asia.


Minus the fact that it’s all plastic and it looks like a medical device, the Aeropress is perfect. It makes really great coffee (you actually make a concentrate so Paul uses it to make lattes), but the best part is it’s super easy to clean. I keep mine at work.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetHobonichi Techo Cousin

My brother picked up one of these (with a beautiful woven cover) in Taiwan for me. It includes a daily, weekly, AND monthly calendar–which means it has effectively replaced all my other planners. Also, it’s gorgeous. The one big drawback is it’s quite heavy.

Uniqlo legging pants

I discovered these in the Philippines and I promptly bought four pairs (three different colors for me and one for a friend). They are super comfortable and the back pockets make them look way more appropriate than regular leggings. I’m wearing a pair right now.

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I'm a high school English teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before moving to Asia, I was a public media journalist in Pennsylvania. I've lived in five countries and traveled to dozens. I really enjoy rearranging my furniture.

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