Quick update

  • Paul is back in the US for 10 days. Every time he leaves, I’m reminded of what a GREAT husband and father he is… Sunday morning, I found myself thinking: “Wait, does this mean I have to make my own coffee?” 🙂
  • I turned 33 this month. I had a great birthday weekend. It was busy and wonderful: I got time with good friends, a little adventure involving a train and a new-to-me city, a swim at a waterfall, and some sweet presents.IMG_8649
  • I’ve really been enjoying Spotify’s Discover playlist. Whatever data-mining they’re doing is working. It’s pretty great. I only skip maybe 1/4 or 1/5 songs.
  • I read this NYT article about the “modern family” and wow, it really hit home. That’s how we used to feel all the time. Which leads me to…
  • We really love it here. We feel so fortunate that we get to live the roles we like — I’m working full-time and Paul works part-time and takes care of home responsibilities. I looooooove having a house husband (ha ha) — and Paul likes being one! Paul and I often joke (darkly) that our personalities aren’t super compatible (we have completely different senses of humor and our communication styles are laughably at odds), but our desired lifestyles sure are compatible.
  • The best part of living here is the community.  Playdates, which used to be stressful and time-consuming, happen organically (and often — we have kids knocking on our door every weekend). When I’m in need of human interaction, I take the elevator downstairs and sit in the common area, where I chat with various passing neighbors. It’s like we’ve traveled back in time to an era when kids had freedom to run around on their own and neighbors were friends.
  • Surprise — I really like teaching! My kids are great. They are so fun. And middle school is such a crazy and hilarious age.
  • I really miss audio. I haven’t had many opportunities to listen to anything but music lately, but the other night, a friend sent a link to a podcast so I checked it out. The actual piece was fascinating, but what really got me was the craft of the audio — I ache for the particular challenge of “gathering sound” and piecing together a story.
  • All of this seems pointless and slightly insane in light of all the tragedy and despair around us. I am often bewildered by the fact that life can go on in all its triviality here while someone is in unimaginable pain there. Peace on earth — that’s the cry of my heart.