A friend asked me today which of our previous homes I like best.

I feel really lucky — we’ve lived in so many wonderful homes and I’ve genuinely loved them all.

Here’s a timeline, in photos (of varying quality), of all the places we’ve lived since we got married. Brace yourself. This is long!

Our First Apartment
Leonard Ave. — Summer 2006  

Our first place was a one-bedroom, “railroad” style apartment in the tiny town of Houghton, NY. It’s such a small, safe town, we never got a key from the landlord. The living room flowed right into a kitchen (the previous owner painted it sage green, mustard yellow, and burgundy — very 00s coffee shop), which flowed into the single bedroom and single bath. The best part was a giant front porch accessible through the front window. There was much to hate about the place — drop ceilings, old rotting windowsills, crazy paint jobs… but we loved it because it was our first married home.

We got the crock by the front door as a wedding present, but it didn’t come with a card. We never figured out who it was from.
DSC_0008 (2)
Classic first apartment: storage trunk coffee table, unframed map poster on the wall.
We painted the walls in the bedroom even though we only lived there for a couple months! Also, I have since learned to hang frames at eye-level. 🙂
I really wish we had kept that rug.


Thatched Cottage
Masumbo, Southern Tanzania (Fall 2006 – Spring 2007)

We moved to Tanzania two months after we got married. Paul worked for Houghton’s study abroad program and I worked as a tutor for a staff family (and moonlit as a resident advisor for the college students). We first lived in a tiny thatched cottage. Moving into this house felt like such an adventure! I can still vividly remember how the place smelled like wood varnish and our vanilla Yankee candles. I have great memories of hosting groups of students in the tiny living room.

So charming, right?
DSC_0084 (1)
Those chairs were not very comfortable.
Note the mosquito net — I never got used to sleeping under one!

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